Good luck to all competitors. May the best players win...

Main Event Entries

as at 27 January 2015

Barry Murray and Jenny Harris

Ros Springer and Nicholas Springer

Ruth Zandberg and partner        

Kitty Teltscher and Jackie Fairclough

Graham Orsmond and Willie Coyle

Marcia Green and Dean Spasov

Dinah Caplan and Dessy Malakova

Robert Mundy and Julian Cotton

Patsy Bloom and John Vos

Sharon Foster and Tracey Beckman

Martin Hoffman and Maurice Esterson

Victoria Ansary  and Marion Kretish

Nellie Lenson and Elaine Kay

Ivor Miller and Steve Capal

Nellie Lenson and Elaine Kay

Sandra Granditer and Sandra Stecks

Alistair Kent and Kevin Castner

David Sherman and Tracy Capal

Susanna Gross and Tom Paske

Ingar Hansen and partner

Morning Session Entries

as at 27 January 2015

Lisset Baruch and Marion Okuniew

Jackie and Michael Gee

Michele and Stephen Potel

Helen and Eric Sorell

Gill and Wallace Curtis

Alice Shashu and Evelyn Beszawi

Soudi Dolatabadi and Sophie Levi

Gisele Fatal and Rachel Shashoua

Arabella Shamash and Shula

Charlotte Tori and Suham

Gillian Arber and Judy Cockroft

James Vogl and Tom Townsend

Stephanie Brahams and Maxine Libson

Michael Brahams and John Libson

Afternoon Session Entries

as at 27 January 2015

Ray and Elsa Martin

Irene Holland and Vivian Tylor

Eugene Saad and Dicky Danzi

Hana Maharshi  and Bigan Dolatabadi

Giovanna Tomacelli and Yvonne Gill


Beverly and Timothy Miller

Louise Naftalin and Miriam Lyons



Play will take place at 17 Grosvenor Place, London W1K 6 LBstarting at 11am on Sunday February 1 2015. Registration from 10.15am


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